Frequently Asked Questions

Why Village Talkies?

The base of our videos incorporates the message, storyline, style frame, and animation. Each stage accompanies two rounds of revisions where you give us inputs. This helps our in-house creative team to produce a video that delivers the intended message.

Every client is unique. Each video we make is tailor-made to the client's need!

Yes, and we say that loud!  You can drop by our portfolio and see it for yourself.

By far, mostly! With over 1600 videos under our portfolio, we worked for a huge pool of reputed customers from almost every industry. Here is a quick list of the industry we often collaborate with:

Healthcare, Information Technology, Education, and Finance.

Get in touch with us!

We will provide consultation, gather basic video requirements, and send a quick quote.

Once you sign off, we will schedule a kick-off call with our in-house creative team before getting started.


There are factors like length, style, and complexity of the video that impact and determine the cost of an explainer video.

Reach us out and tell us a little about your video requirements! We are more than happy to give a bespoke quote.

Our process is customizable. We can allocate more resources, increase or decrease the rounds and share a bespoke project timeline that meets your needs. Assuming feedbacks are prompt from your end through the production process. So contact us today to get started.

We provide end-to-end video production services that include:

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Voice-over
  • Sound effects

If you send us the script, our creative director will analyze it based on the cost determining factors like length, style, and complexity of the video. And will provide a quick quote.


We will start the project once both parties agree to the video production and a 50% advance payment is made. The remaining is required once the final video is approved at your end.

Yes, if you are looking for a series of videos where video assets can be reused. We give discounts based on reusable assets. For instance, assuming a similar character set for series of videos. We provide discounts when there is less effort required from us.

Indeed, it is on every second basis.


Our standard video creation takes around two to three weeks, from commencement to end. In any case, if you need the video prior and you are prompt at giving feedbacks or making changes. Then, we will remember that when planning the stages and give you a timeline before we start. So you will know what is in store and when.

Indeed! We can make various videos for you at the same time. This will, in any case, marginally increase the turnaround time based upon the total number of videos.

The creation cycle we follow to guarantee a quality video incorporate

  • Knowing your marketing objectives
  • Making a storyline
  • Develop a video script
  • Depict a storyboard
  • Create an illustration set for the video
  • Animate the illustration
  • Recording the voice-over
  • Include the SFX to improve quality


Yes! Also, our proficient scriptwriters who have a ton of experience writing video scripts will check the given script for any enhancement feedbacks.

This is not going to impact the video cost. We will anyway check it at our end.

Yes! We offer end-to-end explainer video production services. Share your ideas on the video and the marketing objective. This will help us draft the first version of the script. And will send it for your approval.

We send across a creative brief and schedule a call with you to understand your requirement in detail. We work up to two versions on the script, send for your approval, and ensure it includes every detail.


Indeed, we do. We have voice-over specialists from around the world and in various languages and accents. We send across samples of voice-over artists as per your needs before choosing a voice-over artist and going for the recording.

One voice-over is included in the video cost.

Revisions & Output

You have full rights to the video. We may use it in our marketing process if we have your approval.

At every production stage, you will have two revision rounds where you can recommend changes. When you approve it, we push to the next stage.

We can deliver in any HD format as per your preference. Our standard delivery format is MP4 or MOV.

Types & Style of videos

We offer the following  Types of Videos:

  • Motion Graphics Video
  • 2D Character Animation video
  • Infographics Video
  • Whiteboard Animation video
  • Mobile App Demo Video
  • Screen Recording Video
  • 3D animated videos
  • Live action videos

It takes the combined effort of a bunch of scriptwriters, storyboard artists, illustrators, animators, and voice-over artists to develop a custom explainer video. We will increase or decrease the number of professionals based on the timeline, length, style, and complexity of the video.

It varies with your taste and needs. Our creative team will work with you paying attention to your necessities and offering guidance to track down the best style for you and your business.


We find the below duration works well for the explainer video. Giving the viewer enough time to understand your message without losing interest.

  • Animation Videos – 1 to 2 minutes
  • Explainer Videos – 1 to 2 minutes
  • Product Videos – 1 to 3 minutes
  • Corporate Videos – 2 to 5 minutes
  • Marketing Videos – 1 to 1.5 minutes

Also, it depends on the purpose, hosting platform, and target audience of the video.

Keep the duration as short as workable for an explainer video. Learn more about the ideal length of the video duration here.

We generally suggest making a series of videos that can help draw in, convert and close sales.

An animated explainer video is not only for grabbing attention and engaging. It is additionally a powerful tool that you can use to lead customers through your sales channel.

Videos are a customer's preferred kind of content to see from a brand. And your target customers expect a lot from you.

Following are the reasons why animation works better than any other video types:


  • Gains viewer attention
  • Simplifies complex topics
  • Brings back memories
  • Is fun
  • Fits across anything
  • Is affordable

We use premium versions of the below-mentioned tools to create an explainer video:

  • Adobe illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premier Pro

Yes, we will work as your creative partner in the name of your brand.