Glassbeam Video – Case Study

Meet Glassbeam 

Motion Graphics Animation

Glassbeam is a software organization that brings structure to complex data created from any connected machine in the Industrial IoT.

With the increasing internet usage and web availability, Glassbeam was looking for a solution to create awareness about their latest healthcare product Glassbeam Clinsights. Also, let their crowd think about it.

What were the goals?

The goal was to come up with a much better attempt at clarifying the objective of the product. So customers would know exactly why they need Glassbeam Clinsights. Glassbeam also wanted to showcase the product’s capabilities, benefits and encourage people to give it a try.

We united with the machine data analytics company to promote their product through an animated explainer video.

How did we help Glassbeam?

Brainstorm until dawn!

The ‘creative brief’ inputs gave us significant insight into the schematics of making an explainer video for Glassbeam and their large customer base. With a clear idea of the customer needs, we came up with the motion graphics video, focussed on sharing ideas and developing the general storyline.

Craft it right!

The target audiences were the C-suite executives and key decision-makers of the healthcare sector.

The scripting team did not wait for the end of the video to tell them what Glassbeam’s insight could do to their organization. They were quick in the video to capture the viewer’s attention and tell them the correct message clearly and compellingly.

Storyboard & Style frames

The newly created illustrations make up the style frame for the explainer video. As the client wanted to portray the storyline on screen without indulging in the characters, we played around with concept miniatures, objects, icons, and texts.

Also, we used the recreated and minimalized application screenshots matching with the actual screenshots to showcase the functions and usability of the product.

Color Scheme

Our illustrators created the style frames using the brand colors and complementing color schemes that suited the vision and feel of the brand.

Move it! Shake it!

Our team of animators then reviewed the style frames and gave life to every one of these edges. The transitions make the video outwardly engaging. This is the reason why we admit our animation is totally fit for stirring the viewer’s attention.

Glimpse of Glassbeam Video

The Results

Right from the beginning, it was clear that we would strike the right balance of creativity and progress.
The outcome was a highly engaging and vibrant explainer video. And was well received by our client.
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