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In 1996 Marlabs was found in Newjersy with a global delivery center, strong partnership with industry leaders and recipient of the world recognition. Marlabs emphasis on the quality and best practice and a strong governance model lead by the core leadership team and a seamless customer centric client engagement model.

Marlabs have taken their brand to a high level with the help of Village Talkies a video production company in bangalore with a corporate video, keeping in mind the interest of their targeted audience.

Village Talkies, a corporate video production house helps in quality video services for better communication and sparks interest in your product creating a strong brand vision.

Developing a corporate video includes a few processes like developing a script, storyboarding, production and delivering a quality video.

At Village Talkies, we are aware of the importance of videos as it escalates the sale of your company and conveys the message quickly to the targeted audience.
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