Very commonly heard nowadays is the term Marketing Automation, which is used by businesses as an effective strategic tool to hike their sales growth via the digital platform.

One way organizations do this is by utilizing video promoting. Truth be told, video is convincing to the point that just by essentially putting a video thumbnail rather than a plain picture in an email improves navigate rates by 300%.

What does Marketing Automation infer?

Let’s just brief it out for you!

Marketing automation refers to a type of software used by businesses, that takes care of sending repetitive automated marketing messages through various channels like emails, websites, social media, and even text messages to simply hype their market sales value.

It is one of the fastest-growing areas in digital marketing and the whole technology is a segment that’s taken care of by the CRM and is mainly used by the marketing department to automate and channelize repetitive tasks thereby improving the marketing goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

Coordinating video in your promoting robotization programming is an incredible method to catch and qualify leads, and convert them into new clients. To start with, discover your leads. At that point support them until they purchase. Simple. If that solitary life was so straightforward. Discovering web-based leads, qualifying them and changing over them into clients is troublesome.

Another approach to sustain leads through the client venture is by utilizing advertising mechanization. On the off chance that you are curious about this expression, it portrays programming that computerizes certain showcasing exercises. Probably the most popular stages for this are Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, and Eloqua.

Advertising robotization functions admirably. Core Research asserts that it drives a 14.5% expansion in deals profitability and a 12.2% decrease in showcasing overhead. What’s more, look into by The Annuities Group has uncovered that utilizing it to support possibilities can bring about a 451% expansion in qualified leads.

How is the whole process of marketing automation done?

Let’s find out!
Fix a goal to your marketing campaign

  • Lead generation and identification
  • The nurturing process
  • Channelizing the videos that’s lead friendly
  • Activating the video marketing campaign

For any business strategy to succeed a well-set goal is a must. Deciding where and how your videos should appear based on customer behavior, timing, social media platform choices, and the exact location is the key.

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1. Lead generation and identification

Lead generation is a process of identifying, attracting, and converting people into prospects by using online channels. For example, posting running paid ads on social media, offering free product trials, and launching an email campaign. The main aim of this strategy is to collect customer info such as email addresses through fill up forms.

Incorporating video with your showcasing mechanization stage enables you to set up how genuine a lead is and where they are on the client venture. Contingent upon the detail requested by your contact structure, you will have caught some helpful hard information. This may incorporate the organization the lead works for and their activity title. This hard information appears differently concerning the delicate data you have about a lead’s online movement. You have to assess this action to score and qualify leads. You can do this in connection to video by surveying three key variables:


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The sorts of videos the lead has watched: First, you have to name where every one of your videos fits along with the client venture. An explainer video would be toward the start of the adventure in the mindfulness organize; a valuing video would be toward the end, at the choice stage. The closer a video is towards the finish of the adventure, the higher the score.

What amount of every video a lead has viewed? If a lead watches a video for just a couple of moments, they should score lower than somebody who has observed the greater part of the video.

How long of video a lead has watched altogether and how as of late? These are great markers of how genuine they are tied in with purchasing your item or administrations.

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2. The nurturing process

Not all leads are potential buyers or customers. So, it’s important to group the leads based on their characteristics. Leads can be classified broadly as below:

Subscribers: People here just may be interested to know you more and your updates, so you may prefer to sign up for your newsletters or get the latest updates of your new launches.

Leads: In this case, potential viewers are far more interested to know you, so may fill up forms giving away some personal information such as name, gender, location, and even telephone numbers.

MQL’s: Or Marketing Qualified Leads are those who are very keen on understanding your content and are most likely sales-ready yet undecided to close the accord.

SQL’s: Or Sales Qualified Leads are direct contacts as they are well aware of your services or products but just awaiting last-minute clarifications.

Customer: They are just fixed buyers.

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3. Channelizing the videos that’s lead friendly

Now, having a properly sorted Lead story, it’s time to analyze what videos work for each one them and their most preferred social media platform and messaging services. To keep the leads in sync, impressionable videos such as a ‘Thankyou’ to ‘We are delighted to know you’ videos work wonders.

4. Activating the video marketing campaign

With all the homework done, and the framework set, now it’s time to deliver the integrated results through Email, SMS, Voice Chatbot to identify, nurture, manage, and track leads in real-time.

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At Village Talkies, video marketing automation plays a very important role for businesses to flourish. How goals are set, strategies aligned leads sorted, and their requirements bifurcated!

You should choose what scoring framework is best for your business and it might take experimentation before you get this right. What you should wind up with is an unmistakable thought of where leads are in the client venture, how qualified they are, and what moves to make straightaway. If a lead is at the mindfulness phase of the client venture, you might need to send messages with connections to recordings that instruct them further about your item. On the off chance that they are at the thought stage, you could send them a contextual analysis or tribute video to push them towards settling on a purchasing choice. At the choice stage, you may offer an exceptional advancement or free preliminary.

If your examination considers that a lead is exceptionally qualified and prepared to get, you may pass their subtleties to your business group for a telephone assemble or to mastermind a conference. Remembering your videos for your promoting robotization programming will assist you with getting the greatest effect from both.

This is an outline of how video can coordinate with robotized advertising programming.

It’s time to implement. Go ahead, use video content in your lead nurturing strategy, and start delivering the right content to the right connect simply to achieve greater results.

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