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Instructional videos generally realized instructional video are micro videos, tutorial videos, training videos, screencast and presentation or lecture capture videos micro videos are short instructional videos that emphasis on educating a single or narrow topic they’re usually less than a minute long and appeal to today’s media consumers, who have notoriously short attention spans a tutorial video is the go-to instructional video for teaching a process or walking through the steps needed to complete a task training videos commonly cover interpersonal topics, such as compliance and harassment training, or job related topics a screencast is a format that lends itself to just-in-time teaching, where an instructor can quickly create a screencast to answer a question or clear up a problematic concept and last but not the least, presentation or lecture capture videos are usually a recording of a lecture or presentation to make it available for an audience to consume or review.Tips for making a killer instructional videos planning is the first step in making an instructional video a good instructional video is a plan that addresses what content you’ll cover present the nuts and bolts of your video like the speaker of your video, the layout, the material included finished up by a rundown it is said that any video or a film is 60% pre-production, 20% production and 20% post production thus it becomes important for your presenter/speaker to practice his script before shoot day and get comfortable with the flow of the video likewise shooting and post-production incorporate breaking the video into short sections and weave the portions with the best editing tools software, voice over, music or graphics or visual effects if necessary don’t forget to compress the video based on how much bandwidth the average viewer has the best way to make sure everyone can watch your videos is to use a content delivery network to host your video files.Instructional videos are mostly used to teach a simple concept in a few steps they can stretch up to 10-15 minutes duration video tutorials are also used to cover the new features for the release of a product, service, software and the likes they can teach us about any process and are often used in situations where it helps to improve the interpersonal connection for content retention presentation & lecture capture.

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