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Kinetic typography animation the specialized name for “moving text” is an animation method blending motion and text to express ideas utilizing video animation this text is exhibited over time in a way proposed to pass on or summon a specific thought or feeling. Motion typography in unique design text components move in connection to one another letters and words may move away from one another on a 2D plane, or in three-dimensional space like manner looking over typography can look over the level screen or can appear to retreat or progressed. Kinetic typography is frequently created utilizing standard animation programs, including Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, and Apple Motion the effect is regularly accomplished by compositing layers of content to such an extent that either singular letters or words can be animated independently from the rest.

Typography is the craftsmanship and procedure arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when shown the course of action of sort includes choosing typefaces point sizes line lengths line-spacing and letter spacing and adjusting the space between pairs of letters the term typography is also applied to the style arrangement and appearance of the letters numbers and symbols created by the process type design is a closely related craft sometimes considered part of typography most typographers do not design typefaces and some type designers do not consider themselves typography additionally might be utilized as a decorative device unrelated to correspondence of data.


Typography is the work of typesetters also known as compositors typographers, graphic designers, art directors, manga artists, comic book artists, graffiti artists now anyone who arranges words, letters, numbers, and symbols for publication, display, or distribution from clerical workers and newsletter writers to anyone self-publishing materials until the digital age, typography was a specialized occupation digitization opened up typography to new ages of already random originators and lay users as the capability to create typography has turned out to be ubiquitous, the application of standards and best practices created overages of gifted workers and professionals has diminished so at a time when scientific techniques can support the proven traditions greater legibility with the use of serifs, upper and lower case, contrast, etc through understanding the constraints of human vision, typography as frequently experienced may neglect to accomplish its principal objective effective communication.

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