Product videos offer you the chance to show clients the advantages and employments of a product directly at the purpose of potential buyers. On the off chance that there is any delay to purchase or absence of understanding the estimation of your product, your product explainer video goes about as an in-store sales rep helping the client advance toward a buy.

What is Product Video?

A product video is an explainer video that viably exhibits the advantages of a product. While numerous product videos center around the highlights of the product, we focus on how the product eases the agony of the customer experience.

A product demo video grows change rates by giving creativity in a story that shows how your product limits as a general rule, and what kind of impact it has. By using story and portrayal, a product video can establish an unrivaled suffering connection in the client’s mind, leaving the product features to be experienced instead of explained.

Utilization of explainer videos has expanded with the improvement of innovation, because of the capacity to make top-notch visuals enhanced by clear sound.

Organizations have grasped the utilization of animated product videos in different divisions, for example, showcasing, and the equivalent has overflowed to product dispatches. A decent product demonstration video should be infectious, with clear sound and appealing yet not overcompensated designs.

Notoriety in the utilization of corporate videos for showcasing and teaching clients about a product has expanded drastically since associations have understood that potential customers are bound to recollect a product they viewed in a video.

Now let us compare Product Video with a brand video and a Screencast video.

Product Video and a branded Video

Product videos include a great deal of activity, to make them sufficiently fascinating to the client, and to relate effectively to a specific product and the intended interest group. They are progressively centered around how the product tackles the customer’s issues and needs.


Brand videos, be that as it may, are less enlivened, and target concentrating more on portraying the organization and present tributes. They are product videos that enable entrepreneurs to discuss their organizations. You get the opportunity to give a record of the business in an extremely persuading tone with the goal that you may draw in various clients. On the off chance that you are imaginative enough, you will have the option to sell your image with no issues.

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Product Video and a Screencast Video

A screencast is regularly a constant chronicle of a person’s activities as the person peruses the Web or chips away at a work area. By and large, screencast will, in general, be dry and unengaging for watchers, yet they can be useful in specific circumstances. For example, when seeing an instructional exercise, purchasers frequently need to see a product interface for a bit by bit directions, as a how-to, FAQ, or client care video testimonial video. While screencast is an amazing method to give help to current clients, it’s not the best method to prevail upon potential customers.


Struggling to Get Customer confidence?
Use Videos for Customer Loyalty !



What are the 10 best types of product videos you can use to help develop your business?

  • Explainer animated videos
  • Culture videos
  • Instructional exercises and exhibit videos
  • Occasion or event videos
  • Giveaways
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Tribute videos
  • Presentation videos
  • Educative Webinars videos
  • FAQ videos
  1. Explainer animated videos

They generally focus on specific inquiries that are frequently posed by customers and provide valuable clarification.

  1. Culture videos

They refine your product by flaunting the individual human hands behind the product.

  1. Instructional exercises and exhibit videos

These are likewise called “How to Videos”, and they are utilized to portray how a specific product function.

  1. Occasion or event videos

Posting a portion of the occasion or the event videos may alter the perspective and elevate the organization’s brand. These videos will, in general, give a point by point record of how fruitful an event was and the fun that was experienced.

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  1. Giveaways

These are product demonstration videos more as a source of inspiration video. They are utilized to convince the customer to connect with themselves in different manners, for example, “Login”, “join” or buy into a channel for an opportunity to win a product.

  1. Customer testimonial videos

Customer Testimonial Videos are a sort of product video that films actual customers who are already familiar with the product giving reviews about the product, which further propels the potential customer to pick a specific product.

  1. Tribute videos

These are videos of clients who have just bought and utilized the product giving it a positive video survey. Tribute videos are significant in product advertising, it will, in general, make individuals trust your product or administrations.

  1. Presentation videos

These are generally found in sites, web-based business stores, and new companies. This can be how to utilize your product or clarify your highlights as advantages. With this, the client gets to know the product or administration and might select it at first sight.

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  1. Educative Webinars videos

These videos not only familiarise themselves with the product, however, but they also show social obligation, social verification of others joining the online course, and indicating a similar intrigue. These videos will, in general, give an inside and out about the product or administration.

  1. FAQ videos

More often than not the customer won’t have adequate data on the product. To help with degrees of consistency, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) videos are an aggregation of inquiries that past purchasers and clients of the product have inquired. Ensure these videos are made for individual and explicit answers.

What are the benefits of using product demonstration videos to improve your business?

  1. Hike conversion and thereby sales
  2. Augment your page rank in search results
  3. Aggravate clicks and shares
  4. Improve commitment and fabricate trust.
  5. Introduce in-store virtual demo
  6. Videos are brisk and consumed easily
  7. Wipeout buyer’s uncertainty questions
  8. Increase video content on mobile phones reaching younger generations
  9. Lessened returns are a reward.


Picking the kind of product video relies upon various showcasing systems, for example, the intended interest group, the reason for the video, and accessible assets. For a fruitful product video execution, you ought to have a key arrangement, an adequate spending plan, and a group of experienced product video makers. Also, you can contact an explainer video company like us Village Talkies to do all the leg work for you in case you’re searching for the best product explainer video.

With the eventual fate of promoting being Internet videos, you should set up measures on the most proficient method to actualize the utilization of product videos on all degrees of product improvement to assist you to develop your business.

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