The world’s not about 90s’ salesy promoting anymore. To prevail as an internet promoting business today, you have to focus on your crowd and build up specific character for your organization. As such, you have to fabricate an individual brand that reverberates with your crowd.

You should show your crowd some kind of concern — that you care about their issues and that you have precisely tried to understand them. Make them trust your brand by acting naturally and demonstrating it to the world. Influence what makes you extraordinary and superior to your opposition.

Numerous kinds of online content could change your fate positively, yet there’s one specifically that causes you to construct your brand like no other. We here are discussing animated marketing videos.

Animated marketing videos breathe life into thoughts simply and visually, permitting you to recount to a story that your clients will tune in to. With animations being shared like never before across web-based life stages, what was once connected with kid’s cartoon shows is presently an incredible guide to any promotional campaign. For the best animation video company in Bangalore, Chennai – India consider visiting our website Village Talkies to end your search for perfect animation videos.

They’re visual, drawing in, engaging, and convincing. In any case, probably the best bit is that you can redo your characters, foundations, and hues. These components, joined with an extraordinary story can address your visitor’s feelings, which makes a solid bond among them and your brand. This will help you both form your brand and recount to your brand’s story in a snappy and fun manner.

Making a video animation for your business can be a greater choice than you may initially think. Brand videos are an eager endeavor since they gather everything that you need to state about your business in a short, visual manner. It resembles putting your brand pitch out there for anyone passing by to view, so it must be great. Consider a professional Animated Video Company in Bangalore, Chennai – India such as Village Talkies to do your animation job.

What the 5 most significant interesting points while making a video animation for your business?

1.Build a marketable persona
2. Animated Marketing Videos act as a powerful tool for communication
3.Embed your Brand colors and personality style
4.Work on your most suited animated video style
5. Find the most effective social platform

The initial step to building a reliable individual brand with an explainer video is finding a good pace target crowd, and later making persona with that clever data.

  1. Build a marketable persona (in the form of an animated character)

Study your audience in detail. And then using this data build a virtual animated character to represent a person from your targeted audience. Consider points such as their age, origin, their style, their language/accent, their most visited web sites, their most liked brands, etc.

Then create a relevant character that has a name, age, personality, and job type. The person in question will turn into your speaker in the form of an animated character.

This quickly builds trust in them, since they get the feeling that the animated videos were made particularly for them. Visit Village Talkies for the custom animated videos.

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Custom characters additionally add an amazing human touch to your organization and bring out feelings that stay appended to your brand for quite a while. A 2d character is a most-preferred option to visual impact, making a 2d animated videos could be very beneficial. Consider 2d animation video makers in Bangalore, Chennai – India to do the job for you.

  1. Animated Marketing Videos act as a powerful tool for communication

Animation utilizes the power of storytelling. Do you want to establish a connection with your audience? Close the gap between them and your brand with a story they can empathize with.

Animations intensify the whole narration of the story you wish to convey to your targeted audience. This builds up an association with your audience for sure, as animated marketing videos cover up the gap between your brand and the visiting customers, they feel closely related to the story told that too visually and interestingly.

Videos convey messages approximately 60,000 times quicker than any other written content, as 90% of data transmitted to the mind is visual. In case you’re not utilizing animations to depict your organization, you chance missing out on potential clients.

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  1. Embed your Brand colors and personality style

Hues/colors are extraordinary marking components of any brand that can’t be disregarded. Coordinating your brand’s hues and style to your products, site, presentation pages, and interpersonal organizations will help support your brand picture — applying them to a video has a more prominent marking effect.

The connecting intensifies with animated product videos and thereby characterizes your brand personality and relates to your intended interest group of potential clients.

Regardless of whether it’s a provocative red, a sound green, a fun-loving orange or a capable blue, your brand hues ought to be a focal marketing bargain when making an explainer video since they talk legitimately to your objective and showcasing the whole concept on your brand.


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  1. Work on your most suited animated video style

There’s one, however numerous styles of animated marketing videos, and a large number of them —, for example, whiteboard animations, cartoons, and motion graphic videos — use character animations. Character animations are an incredible asset to build up your brand since it permits you to simply discuss your story with extraordinary visual quality without the need to employ producers or entertainers.

The style of your animated marketing video will uncover your brand character. If you need to give your brand some cleverness and an increasingly human methodology, you can utilize a character animation video. At Village Talkies, animated video makers in Bangalore, Chennai – India, provide the best service for all your Animated Product Videos needs.

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Most of the time your organization needs something progressive advancement, so you can decide to go for an increasingly exquisite and genuine state of mind in your video. Everything relies upon how you need to acquaint your brand with your potential clients.

  1. Find the most effective social platform

To get as close as to your target audience, your social marketing strategy should do justice to all your efforts in making your animation videos. The uplifting news is that an animated marketing online video is the most appealing content on any social media!

Fortunately, Facebook’s newsfeed video permeability grew up by 360% a year ago. Imprint Zuckerberg himself represented this astounding lift, and Twitter designers found that Animated Videos produce the most preferred commitment as compared to earlier times, holding an offer pace of 700 video-tweets every moment.

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Here are a couple of tips for utilizing Animated Videos as a piece of your web-based social networking procedure:

  1. Be reliable: Don’t neglect to be steady and accommodating when speaking with your potential clients: Answer their inquiries, clear their questions, and supply them with valuable counsel. Answer to everybody and keep your reactions on-brand.
  2. Be sound: You should be intelligent with your brand picture on your social channels when making your explainer videos. You can’t present your brand as a genuine organization in your videos and uncover a different side-splitter side on Facebook on the grounds as they wouldn’t encourage a sound brand character.
  3. Keep social videos short: When making marketing videos particularly for your custom market strategy, ensure you make your videos short and draws the visitor in. As indicated by the people at Wistia, One Market Media, and Reel SEO, that is the thing that informal organization clients search for in these sorts of videos. 30-second videos are viewed fully by 85% of normal clients, while two-minute videos are completely seen only by 50% of the viewers. A 30-second-long video, for instance, got about 45,000 views on YouTube alone. What’s the mystery? It’s short, straightforward, fun and powerful, engaging and connecting to the target audience.

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Our Finishing words

In addition to the fact that animation is enrapturing, its much cheaper as compared to making a live video shoot. An animated marketing video easily removes the requirement for props, casting crew, sets and gear as and the video is just bound completely to your creative mind. What you need is an idealization for your animated story and the rest of the procedure looks simpler and achievable. Go ahead and create your Animated Product Videos and enjoy its benefits by using it as the most modern marketing tool.

Hope we resolved some of your concerns regarding ways to make animated product videos that could help your brand. Village Talkies are the best-animated video makers in Bangalore, Chennai – India. Consider us for all your animation needs.

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