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Living in the modern world means being exposed to gigabytes of data consistently. Our society is compelled to live at a quick beat, continuously settling on choices which we may not even notice. A typical decision spotted by advertisers is that more and more people prefer consuming information through marketing videos rather than written blogs. As companies continuously change according to trends, tendencies, and innovations, marketing videos become more and more powerfully.

No matter where you are at with a product, 2d animation videos can be an important part of an effective marketing and sales strategy for your startup. This guide will help you focus on how to use sales videos for different parts of the customer journey and stay within your budget. So, making marketing videos is a part of marketing strategy, it can be crucial to success if you are just starting a business.

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Video Marketing Strategy On Based On Budget Plan

Startups are usually very limited in the budget plan. When a new company is started, it faces a couple of basic issues:

  • High competition
  • Restricted financial plan
  • Unstable financial results
  • Low brand awareness

Because of these difficulties, many startups are forced to put aside their prepared marketing strategy and wait until a suitable time.

However, even if you have a limited budget plan, you can still start working towards developing animated explainer videos for your business. This way, you will be able to solve problems and difficulties regarding low traffic or poor brand awareness. Just follow the easy steps listed below:-

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Create a Plan

The 2d animation videos are extraordinary methods to boost your brand awareness and arrive at greater financial results. Promoting isn’t something that should possibly be actualized when you have additional cash. Plan your budget plan as we; the top explainer video company in Bangalore & Chennai, India tries various tools instead to understand what gives the best quantifiable profit. Spending your monthly budget on marketing videos would be an inappropriate choice. In the case of startups, planning does the trick. Surely this is quite common advice, however, it truly works. Consistently plan your marketing strategy before taking any action.

When arranging your 2d animation videos promoting technique, we the professional animated product video companies in Bangalore & Chennai, India wants to be basic about realistic expectations. Even though corporate videos are an exceptionally effective type of communication, they are not magic. Moreover, it requires effort to prepare and create a highly engaging and relevant piece of content. That is the reason you should think about:

  • Think of what number of 2d animation videos you can create every month.
  • Think of how you will advance your corporate films and whether you will use paid promotions.
  • Think of the platform that you will use to play your marketing videos and think about the points of interest of these platforms.
  • Define your goals and track your achievements.

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Conduct Research

Your competitors may be the ones whom you should take a look at to understand what you can do with your animated Explainer videos. For example, find out if they have YouTube channels or if they utilize short corporate videos to promote your products and services on Instagram. Likewise, we, the best corporate video production company in Bangalore & Chennai, India check whether there is a sufficient response and audience engagement and then launch our 2d animation videos.

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Know your audience

You can also find out the main trends among your target audience regarding corporate video content. We, the top corporate filmmakers in Bangalore & Chennai, India also pay attention to the demographics of our target audience and consider the platforms and content formats that clients prefer. Of course, to do that you should create buyer persona first, for example, the latest stats show us that Facebook is used mainly by an urban population aged 18-29 (81% of people of this age use it) and 30-49 (78%). If your buyer persona matches these categories, you can dive deeper into creating sales videos oriented towards the Facebook audience.

You also should consider the stage of a sales funnel that you create your 2d animation videos. For example, for the visitors who don’t know anything about your brand yet, educational and client, customer Testimonials videos will work the best. As they might be just surfing the Internet to find out the best corporate videos they need, there is no sense in creating 2d animation videos focused on sales they just won’t work on people who are not ready to buy from you. We, the professional corporate Video production houses in Bangalore & Chennai, India upload such corporate films on our landing pages, in blog posts, and place them on specialized platforms.

While moving through the sales funnel, your visitors become your leads and clients. They need to know more about you and the products or services that you offer to be ready to purchase from you. The 2d animation videos that are more focused on your products (product videos, sales videos, and client, customer Testimonials, etc.), as well as other branded videos (animated Product app demo videos, animated Explainer videos, expert interviews, case studies, etc.), will help them decide if they want to buy your product.

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Choosing a Market

It’s simple for startup founders to believe the entire world will cherish their products or services. After all, founders eat, sleep, and breathe their products. Reality is that only a small portion of the population is interested in your products or services. We, the best corporate video production agencies in Bangalore & Chennai, India will help you to invest both time and money in your animated explainer videos, the key is to identify a niche market and go aftermarket share aggressively.

How would you choose a market? There are four fundamental components to consider:

  • Market Size
  • Market wealth
  • Market competition
  • Value proposition

Defining Keywords

With a clearly defined marketing video, you can begin building a keyword list. You should use the keyword list for blogging, social media, and your main marketing website. You need to construct a list of keywords or phrases that are highly relevant to your brand. We, the top animated explainer video makers in Bangalore & Chennai, India start with the core keyword list; it is a list of three to five keywords that completely summarize what your company does. Your core keyword list should be based on your value proposition. We, the professional animation video makers in Bangalore & Chennai, India have core keywords that make excellent blogs on our site. Now if you want to expand your core keyword list to include secondary keywords. Secondary keywords are more specific. Take “content marketing “, the core keyword from earlier, for example. Secondary keywords might include: corporate blogging, email marketing, blogging best practices, etc.

Use free tools to find the core keywords already sending traffic to your website. We, the professional animated video makers in Bangalore & Chennai, India run our keyword through Google’s Keyword Tool and Uber Suggest. The best keywords found through those tools will be identified by low competition and high traffic. In other words, a lot of people are searching for them, but a few results are displayed.

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Defining success

Achievement is diverse for every startup. Perhaps success is 500 new signups per month for Startup some time Startup B thinks success is $50,000 in revenue per month. Whatever your concept of progress might be, define it early and characterize it rigidly. We, the best corporate video production company in Bangalore & Chennai, India our team works with the definition of success and is prepared to work towards it and we are consistent with our work.

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Estimating a Conversion Rate

The next step is to assign conversion rates and values. Estimate your lead conversion rate. Now do the same to estimate the lifetime value of the clients. If you know how many 2d animation videos convert into leads and how many conversions generate for your startup then you can assign goal competitions like newsletter signups. We, the top corporate video production houses in Bangalore & Chennai, India had $2500 per month in the beginning and this was a lot more inductive of success than 100 new newsletter signups.

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Analyze Different Options

Understand your product, market, and client, customer Testimonials to create corporate videos that performs well. We, the professional corporate video production agencies in Bangalore & Chennai, India does not do any magic while creating any 2d animation videos, corporate videos, product videos, animated explainer videos, sales videos, corporate films and animated product app demo videos. Our advice to all the startup founders is to treat all clients as your bank account and make a deposit before you make a withdrawal. When these clients finally buy your 2d animation videos, they will also have new needs, different types of product videos will be required to retain them.

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Use Regional Languages That Your Audience Understands

When it comes to actual marketing videos make sure it is communicating to them with words and ideas that they connect with. Using high vocabulary that is unfamiliar can leave them confused and unlikely to click or purchase. If you are looking to gain a better understanding of animated explainer videos than check our website Village Talkies.


5 Killer Video Marketing Strategy
Here we have the goals here.

Start Creating Videos

You will never know how to do something properly until you try it. Even if you don’t have experience in creating animated explainer videos, you can always learn how to create product videos like a pro. Create a schedule for a next month considering your budget plan and the number of corporate videos that you can afford to make. We, the top explainer video company in Bangalore & Chennai, India give ideas to create 2d animation videos and you can start creating a description and choose your platform for the launch of your sales videos.

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Benefits of Video Hosting Platform

There are different types of platforms where you can upload your product videos. We, the professional explainer video company in Bangalore & Chennai, India always align our sales videos with business goals to make the biggest impact in social media platforms. Each platform is unique with different features to help achieve different results. Understand your customer’s interest and place your corporate videos on that platform.

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YouTube is powerful and free. The greatest part about YouTube is that people are already on the site searching for answers and things that are interested in. Providing content that is useful or important to a crowd of people can potentially gain traction over time. We, the best corporate video makers in Bangalore & Chennai, India help our clients to get better corporate videos, and YouTube is one of the platforms where our client, customer Testimonials get to know our product video standards, quality and how active we are in reaching our goals.

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Vimeo is minimal and clean with no ads. It mainly focuses on filmmaking and storytelling community with more creative as a corporate film that as higher production. Vimeo starts with a free plan and some premium subscriptions available to unlock powerful tools. We, the professional animated explainer video makers in Bangalore & Chennai, India takes Vimeo as a publishing tool to a social platform for launching our new 2d animation videos for the next client, customer Testimonials.

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Wista isn’t a social platform for YouTube. But wista has amazing tools for startups. It is available for free, but the true power comes from their premium plans. Their integration with sales tools are unbeatable. We, the top corporate video production company in Bangalore & Chennai, India have hosted creative 2d animation videos, corporate video, product videos which has a great option for the sales team, with new features being added every year. They do a great job of educating small businesses on how to make better-animated Explainer videos.

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Facebook is more social than it is about hosting. While you share your corporate videos from other platforms to Facebook. So consider, we the best explainer video company in Bangalore & Chennai, India upload our animated explainer videos in Facebook that have been uploaded elsewhere, it is more about connecting with your audience on a personal level.

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Instagram is a no brainer. Again Facebook, Instagram is not a platform for hosting videos, but can easily connect and grow your audience. As we, the top animated product video companies in Bangalore & Chennai, India gained enough popularity in Instagram and this IGTV acts as a vertical YouTube for an Instagram audience. They also act as a powerful tool for startups for launching their corporate videos as a teaser in the Instagram.

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LinkedIn favors’ native videos than just sharing a link on YouTube. For startup founders, it is a great place to document their journey with other professionals. We, the professional corporate video production company in Bangalore & Chennai, India gains first customers trust in people and later generate trust in product videos. It is also a great place for a sales team to share animated product app demo videos.

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Twitter is a great place for sharing news and educate about the product or a company’s culture. Product videos uploaded here can be much more candid in sharing the story of the product. We, the top animation video makers in Bangalore & Chennai, India tweet visual content that tend to get more attention than tweets without them. It allows customers to have a short conversation about a product, provide feedback, and even find partnerships within an industry.

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Promote your videos

Sometimes advertising costs can hurt your budget plan in startups. However, any marketer will tell you that creating a marketing video is just a complicated process. But we, the best corporate video makers in Bangalore & Chennai, India can help you to promote and advertize your sales videos.

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Optimize your marketing videos for search engines

SEO is an essential part of brand promotion for startups. SEO helps a lot when comes to understanding the needs of your potential clients and their preferences while positioning your brand and showing your work to people who might be interested in it and as we, the top animated video makers in Bangalore & Chennai, India provide a description of 1000 characters’ and add keywords and tags. If you can add transcript to your animated product app demo videos, you can definitely increase your audience and you have chances of positioning higher in search results.

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Are you ready to launch your first video marketing campaign?

If you’re serious about getting started with corporate video marketing, the best thing to do is start creating product videos. Yes, you need to understand the basics of video marketing, but there’s no better way to learn than from doing.

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Startup video marketing is a complex science. Every startup goes through the stages when every cost and expense should be well considered because of a very limited budget plan. But we, the professional corporate filmmakers in Bangalore & Chennai, India are creator of marketing videos that provides corporate films, 2d animation videos, product videos, sales video, corporate videos and animated product app demo videos. Create a plan, pick the right creator and promote your marketing videos through various platforms and that is the secret behind success for startup founders to effective video marketing.

How do we differ from others?

Village Talkies a top-quality professional corporate video production companies in Bangalore and also best explainer video companies in Bangalore animation video makers in Bangalore, Chennai, India & Maryland, Baltimore, USA provides Corporate & Brand films, Promotional, Marketing videos & Training videos, Product demo videos, Employee videos, Product video explainerseLearning videos, 2d Animation, 3d Animation, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard Explainer videos Client Testimonial Videos, Video Presentation and more for all start-ups, industries, and corporate companies. From scripting to corporate, explainer & 3d, 2d animation video production, our solution are customized to your budget, timeline, and to meet the company goals and objectives.

So, if you want to create high-quality creative animation video that helps you reach out to the world; we are here to serve you. Call or WhatsApp us for a free consultation at +91-8971843237 or email your requirements to [email protected].

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